The organization began in the heart and mind of Carolyn Richardson-Atubeh, while working with developmentally disabled individuals and raising her son with the Asperger’s diagnosis.

Each person encountered in her work grieved her tremendously, increasing her determination to “do something” for this growing population. She recognized their brilliance and potential but could think of no way to help them emerge from their cocooned state into a state of possibility. Government funded agencies provided no “out of the box thinking” or treatment.

These individuals were indeed developmentally disabled, yet their test scores failed to indicate intellectual deficits.  They could not manage in the everyday world or navigate the common social structures. They often uttered the wrong statements in public places and acted much younger than their stated years. Some of them were just quieter outside of their familiar spaces, but many melted into mental, emotional and communicative disorganization in new or novel situations. 

Asked a question and they instantly bristled. They prefered to be the questioner, the toucher or the leader. Not because of their feelings of superiority but because of their almost constant state of anxiety and need to be in control of their environment. 

As she continued to work with the ever increasing numbers of clients with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (Asperger’s Disorder), she saw first hand their need for more comprehensive assessments, better training and more individualized support. Most failed to attain the acceptance they craved, the social status they desired or the self sufficiency they wanted.  They lacked proper insight, judgment and appropriate social interactions, but they craved acceptance, good social standing and unconditional love. Unfortunately, many experienced a life that failed to offer them the inclusion they desperately needed, often living a disconnected life of sadness and disappointment. Most had a history of encounters with the psychiatric community and its diagnoses and medications, but few had experienced recovery or the success they expected.

It is Carolyn's prayer, that The Asperger Spirit , INC will  help meet that need.
Our History